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Lilac Blue sources and sells authentic Hermes handbags: mostly Birkins and Kellies, with other models such as the Constance, Evelyne and Lindy. We also offer Hermes accessories, such as wallets, belts and the fantastical post-punk collier de chien studded bracelet at retail price.

Each week we send these beautiful pieces to clients across the globe, either by FedEx or hand-carried by one of our in-house team.

We offer a small selection of pre-loved and brand new luxury brands including Chanel and Celine, and have a small collection of hand made handbags created by our clients and suppliers.

You may arrange a private viewing at our London office where we have a selection of bags on display.

Lilac Blue only sells authentic Hermes handbags. The selection of bags on this site is kept as up to date as possible, but it is not an exhaustive list. To receive a complete list of the handbags available today please email helene@lilacblue.com or call + 44 (0)845 224 8876 .

Check out our blog run at www.birkinbagblog.com And thank you for looking at Lilac Blue.

HOT NEWS: later this month we will be launching a bag rental scheme. So if you've always wanted to try a Birkin or a Kelly but never quite dared, get in touch! Luxury bags will be available from 100 a weekend. Email contact@lilacblue.com or call 0845 224 8876 to find out more.

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